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cfm gallery

Realism in Fabric: The Art of Lisa Lichtenfels

Lisa's second one-woman show opened on April 1, 2011 in the CFM gallery in Chelsea.
It includes 18 sculptures which can be viewed in the Show Gallery page on this site.  (Above photo by Ben Mitchell.)

For information about her work, please contact:
Lisa Lichtenfels, PO Box 90537, Springfield, MA 01139-0537
Phone: (413)-781-1359  Email:

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past Exhibitions

Lisa Lichtenfels Sculptures: CFM Gallery

After receiving great revues and record attendance, the exhibit at the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum was shown at the CFM Gallery in SoHo, New York in March and April, 2006.

Realism In Fabric: The Art of Lisa Lichtenfels

During the holiday season of 2005-2006, the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum in Springfield, MA, exhibited the works of Lisa Lichtenfels. Featured were 12 new works, including two life-sized fabric sculptures. There was a large photographic exhibit on the walls with images spanning 20 years of the artist’s career. In-progress displays showed how these realistic figures in nylon fabric were created, including an ongoing video of hands-on instructions. Finally, a large diorama, “The Krazy Horse Saloon,” was reconstructed with 20 figures and a one-third life-sized bar and stage environment.

Erie Art Museum: The Avalon Restaurant

Since 1984, visitors to the Erie Art Museum have been delighted to discover "The Avalon Restaurant". The installation depicts a moment from the life of the Avalon, a now-defunct downtown diner. The Avalon contains 21 soft sculpture figures, scaled to 1/3 life-sized, each remarkably lifelike and painstakingly detailed. Go to ERIE ART MUSEUM for more about the exhibit.

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